Mystic Black Boss Battle

October 2020

3D Lab had the opportunity to fulfil a Fortnite Creative Island commission for Samsung and Gen G eSports, creating this unique player experience. 3D Lab squashed the brief and presented a Boss Battle that oozes style.
Sucked into your Galaxy Note20, solve puzzles and defeat the boss to escape! Escape to enter #mysticmapmayhem

Pocket Fighters: Boxfight

September 2020

Part of the Giant Summer Playtime Hub and Pocket Racers world, this Boxfight was built for the competitive community. Boasting a streamlined 'Select your shotgun' system for those looking to hone their Fortnite Battle Royale skills.

Tumble Lads

August 2020

Created during the trending rise of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Tumble Lads is a knock-out style mini-game display that racked up over 1 million plays in the first 5 days of release! Race...Or tumble with your friends in up to 7 uniquely challenging mini-games!

Chrono Isles

May 2020

Created by 3D Lab for the #fngotime event, this Hub was featured in May 2020. Displaying unique architecture and strong environment design, this Hub is one of our favourite projects!

3D Lab Party

April 2020

Pushing Fortnite Creative to the limits, this mini-game extravaganza features ten unique games with exciting gameplay that has you and your friends playing over and over!

Gun Fight: Black Forest

February 2020

A faithful recreation of Overwatch's 'Black Forest', this map shows 3D Lab's ability and understanding of level design to recreate any environment. A competitive Gun Fight with optimal load-out randomisation. Use various pathways to flank and out play your opponents with strategy!

Zone Wars: Splashdown!

June 2020

Inspired by Chapter 2 Season 3, this insanely fun and beautiful Zone Wars features working whirlpools for mobility, a robust placement point system and even Boxfights or Parkour when eliminated!

Pocket Racers

July 2020

A one of kind Race! Sporting a unique lap and scoring system unlike any other, this race will pit you against your friends on a supersized track! The first player to complete 3 laps wins!

Gun Game: Odyssey III

March 2020

Fight on the Odyssey III and be the master of guns!

Mansion of Power

October 2019

Featured during the Creative Curse event of 2019, players were tasked with completing various challenges while playing Mansion of Power to unlock cosmetics for their account! This island is one of the most unique and fun gameplay experiences inside Fortnite. A free for all with a wicked twist. Drain the power from your foes and be the first to get 5 consecutive eliminations to win the game! 

Love Facility

February 2020

In this two player co-op adventure map you must help each other through intriguing puzzles and quirky obstacles. Each player is awarded different abilities: low gravity or increased run speed, that must be combined to escape the L.0.V.3. FACILITY! They say that opposites attract. Drs. His & hers know this all to well and put both of you in an experiment. Now use L.0.V.3. To escape!

Stranger Things Breakout

July 2019

Are you ready to dive into the world of stranger things a second time?

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