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We are a game design group focused on working with your brand or company that is pursuing marketing in Fortnite Creative or the gaming industry. 3D Lab is well established within the Fortnite Creative community including a strong relationship with Epic. As of late 2020, 3D Lab has racked in 32 featured creations, 2 hubs and well over 100 million plays across all our islands. On top of these achievements, we have had the pleasure to work with huge clients such as Samsung and Gen.G eSports.



  • The highest standard of tailor made content for your brand or company.

  • Integration of your brand identity into Fortnite.

  • We provide video guides, walkthrough's and social media content where applicable.

  • Create and design games of your choice including but not limited to; Battle Royale's, Mini-Games, Racing, Adventures and Boss Battles.

  • Full support for your project including round the clock support via Discord & up to 3 months maintenance.


Dean Lynch
Dean's creative journey started early. He began modding and level design in Unreal Tournament and Red Faction at the age of 15, before continuing his passion in games such as Half-Life and other Source engine games including Left 4 Dead. Dean's interest in game design has drove him to learn not just level design but also game mechanics, building games in various game engines, and even working along side Epic at their Headquater's to work on the Creative Curse featured islands and Limited Time Mode 'Gun Fright'.


As part of 3D Lab, Dean focuses on the overall game mechanics and level design. 


Franciska has always been a creative individual. From a young age she was always busy creating beautiful things and exploring new interests. From constantly rearranging her room as a kid to building her own wooden desk as a teenager, she was always planning her next project. Learning new skills, with the goal of creating something new by herself is what she enjoys most. After finishing school with a diploma in 3D design, Fortnite Creative became the place where all her different skills and interests come together perfectly.

As part of 3D Lab, Franciska likes to focus on level design, color & decoration.


Gaming and Creating has always been Robert's passion. Since a young age he's been crafting something whether it's with Lego or building in games. He started with a diploma in IT and worked for HP Computers as a Technical Specialist before deciding he wanted to express his creativity more. He earned a diploma as a Cabinet Maker and went on to gain many years of experience as a craftsmen restoring Antique furniture professionally. Fortnite Creative's release sparked both his love of Gaming and Creativity and Robert has been building ever since! Robert's creativity earned him numerous featured islands, including a collaboration with Stranger Things and Epic.

As part of 3D Lab, Robert focuses on story, character and environment design.